celebrity he criticized and mistake with Marbelle

Claudia Bahamón is the great reference of the seasons of ‘Masterchef’ in which multiple celebrities have passed, as well some believe that it may have a flashy replacement.

However, the relationship that the host of the RCN Channel culinary program has forged with some celebrities has allowed her share infidences, as happened in the current season.

For this reason, during an interview in the ‘Yo, José Gabriel’ programtook the opportunity to qualify some of those who have gone through the contest and even launch a question.

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Claudia Bahamon, from ‘Masterchef’: figure he criticized and mistake with Marbelle

Bahamón was given paddles to approve, exalt or disapprove some of the figures that have passed, for which they mentioned several and she showed her qualification.

Catalina Maya, Estefanía Borges, Diego Trujillo, Variel Sánchez, Hassam, Piter Albeiro, Gregorio Pernía, Natalia Ramírez, Liss Pereira, Carolina Gómez, Jhon Álex Castaño and Isabella Santiago received good grades in that exercise.

However, when asked about the Venezuelan Alicia Machado, the presenter showed the palette of disapproval and launched her criticism: “Bad, no. Bad her”.

The former queen was the protagonist of a controversy after He complained of xenophobia during his time on ‘Masterchef’ and even reached launch attacks against Claudia Bahamón by his attitude. The controversy led Marbelle to point out that Machado proposed prostitution to them.

Precisely, in the midst of the dynamics in ‘Yo, José Gabriel’, the host of ‘Masterchef’ had a confusion when qualifying Marbelle, because she showed the palette of disapproval and, noticing it, asked to ignore recognizing that it was a mistake .

The model from Huila has been characterized by her good relationship with the figures who have passed through the culinary program of Canal RCN, including, in the midst of the aforementioned controversy with Machado.

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