Celeste Muriega demolished a myth about Wanda Nara’s rise to fame: “The underpants weren’t from Maradona, they belonged to my boyfriend”

In 2006, an unknown Wanda Nara achieved fame in Intruders when Jorge Rial interviewed her live as the supposed last love conquest of Diego Maradona. The tender 18 years of the media, added to the fact that she wore an alleged Ten underpants, ended up elevating the young woman, who from then on began an overwhelming career in the media with the help of Rial himself and Luis Ventura.

On The Academy Preview (Monday to Friday at 8 p.m. City Magazine), Celeste Muriega provided valuable information about the true owner of the garment. “Not everything is what it seems, because everyone said it was Maradona’s boxer shorts. But there is a whole story behind it. The point is that when she appeared with Maradona’s supposed underpants, in reality, there was my ex-boyfriend behind, Alejo Clerici”Celeste revealed.

“She said ‘I’m hot, I want to get in the pool.’ So she asked please to get something and since there were no tights, so my ex lent her his underpants, she put them on and threw herself into the pool. She came out posing with fifty photographers around. He invited Diego, but he wanted to continue watching football, “added Celeste Muriega, demolishing a myth. “I was not there, I did not exist at that time, but I asked him,” the panelist closed on the media origin of Wanda Nara.


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