Celine Evangelista’s mother is pregnant with twins at the age of 50, here’s her condition


In the midst of the never ending domestic chaos with Stefan William, Celine evangelista rumored to be having another sibling. His mother, Vincentia Nurul, is known to be pregnant again, Mother.

Nurul’s pregnancy is certainly a bit surprising, because the woman is now 50 years old. Not only that, this happy news also seems to come doubled, because the fetuses are twins.

Even so, Nurul said that Celine did not know the news directly. In fact, she is now almost five months pregnant.

“Now I’m four and almost five months pregnant.”

“Celine doesn’t know why. There is no communication,” he said, quoted from YouTube Beepdo on Saturday (29/05/2021).

Pregnancy at a young age is no longer a risk. Even Nurul also admitted that he did not believe in this blessing. But she was still grateful and happy with the presence of twins she was carrying. Nurul hopes that their condition will be good and healthy until delivery.

“At first I didn’t believe it. But it turns out that God still believes in me,” he said.

Nurul also said that pregnancy this was also the answer to his prayers. He said he wanted to gather with the children and that was recited in every prayer.

“God willing, there are no problems whatsoever.”

“I did say, I am want Gather with my children. It’s always every time I pray, pray, prostrate I ask, “he continued.

On the same occasion, Nurul also expressed his hopes for the pregnancy. He prays that everything goes well and smoothly.

“Given health, safety, my babies until pregnancy, God willing, all safe and healthy,” he hoped.

Despite the happy news, Celine Evangelista’s household with Stefan William has not made any progress, Mother. In fact, it is now reported that the two have separated and are no longer living together.

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