Cell phone theft Bogotá: men disguised as athletes rob. – Bogota

A young cyclist is the new crime victim in Bogotá. In a video you can see when she was sitting on a platform taking a break and checking her cell phone.

At that moment, a man in a cyclist outfit arrives who acts as if he were going to enter the building. He reaches the door and stops right in front of where she stands.

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It is at that moment the thief shaves his cell phone and flees on a motorcycle driven by his accomplice. She screams and leaps from helplessness as criminals sneak away with ease. It is outrageous.

According to Colonel Miguel Camelo, citizen security operative commander, this is a new modality in which robbers dress like athletes and this is how their victims approach. “We want to report and alert the public to go to a police station and file a complaint. We already have data to identify criminals ”.

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In fact there are videos with very important details of those responsible for this crime. “They use any carelessness to attack,” said Camelo.

At the request of the citizens, the Police took over various sectors of the town to give the community peace of mind. “We are seizing knives and we seek to neutralize these individuals. We detect critical points and attend to them ”.

On other occasions, thieves even wear sports clothing in spaces such as the bike lane or on nature trails. They ask their targets about sports-related questions and when they gain their trust they attack, even managing to push them out of the way.

According to figures from the Security Secretariat, only this year they have a record of 40,966 cases of cell phone theft in Bogotá. This month there are already 1,341. 42 percent of the victims are women. 2,810 of these thefts have been committed in Usaquén so far this year.

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