Central America devastated by hurricanes

Guatemala, Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras: Central America is hit hard by hurricanes Eta and Iota in November. Some regions are devastated and the inhabitants are partly left to their fate, as evidenced by reports in Nicaragua.

Just a few kilometers from one of the areas most affected by Hurricane Eta, on November 3, high winds and torrential rains from Hurricane Iota (first declared category 5 and then weakened slightly to 4) have been unleashed on the north coast of Nicaragua since November 16 in the evening.

In Nicaragua, Iota arrived in the small town of Haulover in northeastern Nicaragua, which has a population of some 1,750. Even where Indian communities were already “Totally devastated by hurricane Eta”, as noted by the Nicaraguan site Confidential.

In the morning, Iota had crossed the Colombian islands of San Andrés and Providencia, close to Central America, propelling its winds to 250 km / h. Colombian President Iván Duque estimated in the evening that “98 % of the infrastructures of the island of Providencia were destroyed ”, reported in Colombia Blu Radio, which also indicates a provisional toll of one death.

Two very strong hurricanes at once

Ten days ago, wandering in the rubble, a resident of Haulover cited by Confidential was sorry: “It will be a long job to rebuild all of this.”

But that was before. Before the arrival, less than two weeks later, of Iota, a second hurricane. “A phenomenon [de répétition] who was not


Sabine Grandadam

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