Central investigation explains that ‘Xia Zhou’ was released after prosecutors ordered not to prosecute. It did not help the perpetrators.

The Central Investigation clarified the case of ‘Sia Jo, Pattani’ released after prosecutors ordered non-prosecution. In the process of asking for opinions, does the police chief disagree?

On November 10, the Central Investigation Bureau (BorChor.Kor.) published a press release. Clarification of facts in the case of Mr. Sahachai Chian Sermsin, aka Sia Jo, Pattani, was released after prosecutors ordered him not to prosecute. Since 2012, Mr. Sahachai was arrested by ISOC officers with 46 million baht in cash, 2,000 liters of oil and evidence of 500 million liters of illegal oil was found. Police officers have gathered evidence to prosecute Mr. Sahachai in offenses related to illegal oil trade and further prosecution of the offense Money Laundering Act Subsequently, an arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Sahachai, or Jo, on the charges of “joining money laundering”. have been trying to escape arrest Until November 4, 2021, the Central Investigation Police were able to arrest Mr. Sahachai. At the Huai Khwang Night Market, Din Daeng Subdistrict, Din Daeng District, Bangkok, after that, Mr. Sahachai was brought to prosecute the law

Later, on November 10, 2021, the news appeared in various media. In the event that Mr. Sahachai released The Central Investigation Police would like to clarify the issues of the police officers as follows: The arrest of Mr. Sahachai on November 4, 2021 in the past. The police made an arrest under an arrest warrant from the Songkhla Provincial Court No. 60/2564 dated 19 February 2021 for money laundering offenses. which such an arrest warrant is a lawful arrest warrant Has not been withdrawn from the directory in any way. The arrest of a police officer is therefore an act of legal authority. and even after the public prosecutor has an opinion not to prosecute in this case In this section, it is still in the process of considering asking for opinion from the police chief whether he agrees or disagrees in the case that the prosecutor orders no prosecution.

for the repatriation of Mr. Sahachai to the Songkhla prosecutor It was a referral to the Office of the Public Prosecutor as the case file had been sent to the Songkhla Provincial Prosecutor’s Office earlier. for the public prosecutor to file a lawsuit against Mr. Sahachai to the court under its jurisdiction As for the opinion of the public prosecutor, the prosecutor will order the prosecution or the order not to prosecute. It is the power and discretion of the public prosecutor. The police themselves have been following up and arresting Mr. Sahachai. to prosecute the law to the best of their ability

In the event that Mr. Sahachai was not sent to the Pattani Court Since the police have examined the directory and found that Mr. Sahachai has only one arrest warrant issued by the Songkhla Provincial Court. An arrest warrant from the Pattani Provincial Court was not found at Sahachai. Did not receive any punishment according to the judgment of the court The police therefore did not bring Mr. Sahachai. sent to the Pattani Provincial Court

In the case of Mr. Sahachai Was released after being taken to the prosecutor and then. It is the discretion of the public prosecutor. The police do not have the power to detain Mr. Sahachai. or Jo in any way Because the police have checked the information to other agencies. Regarding the old arrest warrants of Mr. Sahachai or Jo, it was found that Mr. Sahachai or Jo did not have the old arrest warrants in other cases. The police’s clarification was therefore to the public prosecutor based on the information discovered at that time.

Central Investigation Police It remains a priority for prosecuting those who commit crimes under the law. The police will perform their duties fully. Adhere to the principles of fairness, fairness, and honesty without helping offenders in any way.

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