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2023-12-17 04:01:00

Video: Broun bathed Russo in the middle of Central’s celebrations | Rosario3

central 1 – platense 0

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Captain Jorge Broun bathed the rogue coach with an energy drink on the playing field of the Madre de Ciudades stadium, where this Saturday the Arroyito club won the 2023 League Cup

The traditional bath of the champion for Miguel Russo. In the midst of the madness and celebrations of Central following winning the League Cup at the Madre de Ciudades stadium, replicated by thousands and thousands in the streets of Rosario, goalkeeper Jorge Broun threw a barrel of energy drink at the coach’s head.


Another of the viral moments of the historic Auriazul conquest in Argentine soccer was immortalized in the final seconds of the match once morest Platense, when Russo was captured at the moment of the final whistlehugging with Claudio Úbeda and part of his coaching staff.

After raising the cup, receiving the champion’s medal and celebrating on the field, Miguel walked towards the locker room with the feeling of a duty accomplished, moved to tears and accompanied by his grandson. “Great, Miguel, you are the greatest there is,” they heard him shout from an audience.

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