CEO Sao Dao, former husband-adult Meow Unfolding has a team waiting to solve. Cheer up to take the villagers.

It looks like an epic love triangle drama between a young CEO, a former singer. and the famous female village headman It will be protracted and will not end easily. after the previous mac true love ex-husband of Montira Moontawan Authorized chairman and executive director of Thai Ban CompanyTV limited or CEO of Thai womenTV has issued a long post Sorted out 16 reasons to clarify the reason for breaking up with his ex-wife. before registering a marriage with meow adult Ratchanikul Boonnontae The headman at Ban Na So, Village No. 9, Hor Kham Subdistrict, Mueang District, Bueng Kan Province which is famous in the online world known as “The most beautiful headman”

Most recently, on the side of the young CEO Montira posted a reply to her ex-husband. with the timeline to reveal that Both of them have been in a relationship since the episode. The ex-husband hasn’t broken up with him yet. and confirm that that came out of this movement not wanting to get her husband back Who will take it? but fight for dignity and called on the agency to conduct a disciplinary investigation with the famous village headman All messages indicate

Please allow me to explain the reason The occurrence of this story is your famous wife who has only been registered for 12 days to file a complaint against Mon It’s like planning ahead with us. I do not want my husband back in any way. Because at this point, we understand well.

But we see you acting inappropriately as a bad example for society. We therefore complained to the governor of Bueng Kan Province. You speak, arrange, create, words that look very good. But you entered the house we built together. and we have a child in this house The building that we just made merit for a new house. There are many employees of our company. As you entered our home, the parents, the woman confirmed through the media that You have been together for a year. and the villagers confirmed through the media

Go look at the Timeline, the day of the new housewarming day, last May 21st. we make merit together And in June, we still take pictures together.​ And after that Mon has devoted a lot of time to work. We didn’t update the photos together.

Women pass this house and must know that this house is the house of Montina. True love (because it is only 9 kilometers away from your house). You are a local leader. You should think and analyze. Identify the reason why they broke up. They have been building for 13 years. The brothers and sisters of Pak Khat District know it well.

Strawberries come to the garden. Mon never insulted his parents. Does the man you mention exist?

On the 15th of January, you Say I’m worried, you still sendclipCry to us. Don’t be shy. Hit softly 2 times. Is it wrong?

Mon is a village woman who makes a living. until known brothers and sisters in the whole district I will report to the mother of your husband’s children who have been living for 13 years. Think of virtue and humanity too. Don’t just take the law into action. Not seeing him drive well, have a beautiful house, and hurry.

Your friends compare us like dogs. Even if the product you are selling is the copyright of Mon. Born and just seen, come to scold the owner, who gave permission to sell. and also defiantly recommend that we consult a lawyer

Besides, there is a teamwork to answer every comment, everynews what he said about the headman is not good You work as a team It’s like being hired to reply to chats for 500 baht per day. Montira can do it for you. Cheer so much. The team cheers for the villagers.

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