Economy Cepsa reopens some 250 stores for the purchase of...

Cepsa reopens some 250 stores for the purchase of basic necessities


Cepsa has started reopening more than 250 stores in its network of service stations. The company, which for the past few weeks has continued to offer its store products through the window, has put in place a series of security measures to make it easier for its customers to purchase basic goods.

During this weekend, the company is implementing new hygiene and safety measures to protect the health of its employees and customers, by installing methacrylate screens in the cashier area, signaling the safety distance with stickers, as well such as providing hydroalcoholic gel and gloves to customers, and all the PPE that their employees may need (masks, gloves, etc.).

The company has initially identified more than 250 stores located in service stations under its management in areas where there is more traffic or the operation of these premises is basic for the nearby population. Additionally, it has provided this material to more than 100 service stations in its network so that they can also install it.

Depending on the size of each store, «the maximum capacity of customers that can coincide within the establishment has been defined. In any case, they must maintain a safety distance from each other of at least two meters, “stresses the company. On the other hand, to facilitate the work of professional drivers, Cepsa has expanded its service of ready-to-eat dishes, available at nearly 700 stations in its network.

Support for the Ifema field hospital
On the other hand, the company offers in its service station located in the Campo de las Naciones, the closest to the large hospital created in the pavilions of the Madrid fairgrounds, a free laundry service for taxi drivers who are collaborating in the transfer of sick and health personnel. Likewise, Cepsa offers free coffee, bottled water and snacks for taxi drivers, restrooms and members of the UME at this establishment. In addition, the company has made a donation of 5,000 blankets this week to various health centers in the Community of Madrid and to the hospital installed in Ifema. .


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