Cernagen Therapeutics, applied for a patent for new drug candidates for sepsis and lung diseases

The structure of new drug candidates for Cernagen Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Bioneer. [사진=써나젠테라퓨틱스 제공]

Cernagen Therapeutics announced on the 30th that it has applied for a domestic patent for a new drug candidate (SAMiRNA-RELA) that is effective in the treatment of sepsis and inflammatory lung disease.

Sepsis occurs when certain antigens such as viruses and bacteria enter the body. Sepsis is an acute infectious systemic inflammatory response. When an infection occurs in a body tissue or organ, the immune response to it is abnormally displayed throughout the body. In this process, the RELA gene is activated to create an inflammatory mediator, and it travels around the body in the blood to cause inflammation.

Cernagen Therapeutics analyzed the nucleotide sequence of the RELA gene and conducted cell experiments. Through this, they discovered a substance that inhibits the expression of mRNA that makes RELA protein. mRNA refers to RNA that transfers genetic information of DNA to ribosomes in the cytoplasm.

Researchers at this company conducted preclinical tests on new drug candidates in the mouse unit. When mice were inhaled with a new drug candidate with a nebulizer (nebulizer), the survival rate increased by more than 60% after 96 hours. The effect was three times higher than that of ‘phosphate-buffered saline’, which is commonly used in biological research.

To date, there is no adequate treatment for sepsis and an early diagnosis method. Antibiotics, antihypertensive agents, and anti-inflammatory steroids are used only empirically to relieve symptoms.

An official from Cernagen Therapeutics explained, “We plan to continue confirming the efficacy of new drug candidates.”

Cernagen Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Bioneer, applied for a patent on a method of inhaling a new drug candidate into the respiratory tract using an ultrasonic nebulizer in April. Unlike injections or medicines, when respiratory diseases are severe or acutely exacerbated, this method is effective even when used in small amounts by inhaling the drug through the respiratory tract.

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