Certificates of residence – Mayors withdrawn: “This rubbish will not pass”, denounces Barth

Barthelemy Dias denounces the decision of the governor of Dakar

The controversy over the issuance of residence certificates continues. This time, it is the governor of Dakar who came into play. Al Hassane Sall relinquished the mayors, as regards the issuance of these certificates of residence.

However, Barthélemy Dias denounces this decision which he describes as a “flagrant violation”. Thus, writes the mayor of Mermoz-Sacré-Cœur: “To all our representatives in the electoral list revision commissions, refuse this flagrant violation of the law that we want to pass to steal the local elections through a transfer of voters guaranteed by AN AUTHORIZED and not AN AUTHORITY, ”he denounces. “If necessary, block the functioning of the commissions. If necessary, call us for backup. This hogwash will not pass, ”fulminates Mayor Barthélémy Dias in a post on Facebook.

Author: I’m Maty Diagne – Seneweb.com


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