CES # 2021 Intel presents 4 new processor families

As it enters a period of strong turbulence, Intel launches a counter-offensive and presents new families of processors at CES.

Intel has unveiled the 11th generation of its Core vPro processors for businesses. Combined with Intel’s latest generation processor, this Core vPro platform provides access to security features found in Hardware Shield, an artificial intelligence (AI) silicon threat detection solution, to help them stop ransomware and crypto-mining attacks. This tool is also equipped with Control Flow Enforcement, a technology that makes it possible to put an end to a whole category of attacks that have for too long escaped purely software solutions.

The platform also embeds new graphics functions with Iris Xe. It further serves as the basis for the new Core Evo vPro family, which features certified laptops offering instant wake-up and improved battery life. Over 60 new laptops from leading manufacturers will be available this year combining the security and manageability of vPro with the performance standards of Intel Evo. In addition, Intel announced the arrival of Intel Evo Chromebooks, creating a new category of premium Chromebooks.

The founder also put on the market 6 new Pentium Silver and Celeron for the world of education. These inexpensive processors experience a 35% increase in processor performance over the previous generation and 78% in graphics performance.

Special gamers

Intel is launching a new line of 11th generation Intel Core H-series mobile processors for gaming, which expands the 11th generation mobile product line to laptops as thin as 16 millimeters. Thanks to the 4-core Intel Core ™ i7 Special Edition processor with a turbo of up to 5 gigahertz (GHz), these H35 processors are specially designed for ultraportable gaming. They feature the new PCIE Gen 4 architecture to connect to the latest discrete graphics and deliver low latency and immersive gaming on the go.

The next step

Intel also took the opportunity to preview the Rocket Lake and Alder Lake processors. Rocket Lake is expected to be available in the first quarter of this year, with a flagship processor the Core i9-11900K that promises a 19% improvement in the number of instructions per cycle over the previous generation.

The founder also presented the new Alder Lake architecture which should be available in the second part of 2021. Alder Lake will be based on an improved version of the 10nm SuperFin process and the processor should benefit from high performance and efficient cores. To see if this generation of processors will hold the high chip in development at Qualcomm and Apple on the ARM architecture for materials used in mobility.

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