CES 2021 – ThinkReality A3, Lenovo’s new AR glasses


Augmented reality is gradually coming into everyday life. With the ThinkReality A3, presented in CES 2021, Lenovo intends to bring this technology into businesses. The Chinese company is taking advantage of the confinement and offering new products to make working at home easier. Virtual screens, on-site assistance, compatibility with Motorola smartphones, overview of the strengths of this new technology.

A PC edition for virtual screens

ThinkReality A3

This is surely the feature offering the most beautiful effect Wow. ThinkReality A3s allow connectivity to your computer (laptop or desktop). It will then be possible to add several virtual screens, directly in the user’s field of vision. Indeed, they will function as additional physical screens in order to optimize working comfort. These virtual displays are optimized and compatible with some of the ThinkPad computers. Lenovo desktops are also compatible, whether they are equipped with Intel or AMD Ryzen processors.

An industrial edition to facilitate decision-making

The ThinkReality A3s are also available in an industrial edition. They will be compatible with certain smartphones from Motorola. In addition, it will be possible to use these in a free marine environment. In addition, they will allow the creation, deployment and management of mixed reality applications, all on a large scale.

ThinkReality A3ThinkReality A3

Thanks to applications specifically developed for ThinkReality A3 glasses, you can also benefit from remote assistance, a 3D representation or even assistance in the management of work processes. These certified applications will be available on the official ThinkReality platform, providing security and productivity to all your employees.


If you are thinking of investing in such technology for your business, you will find all the necessary information on the Lenovo official website. The ThinkReality A3 will be available for sale from May 2021, no price has yet been communicated.


Lenovo Augmented reality thinkreality a3

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