[CES 2022] Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee, “There is a possibility of purchasing LG OLED, and M&A is positive”

LG Display Panel Supply Possibility
QD display TV mass production is low
Large M&A potential “good news soon”

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Jeong Yeon-woo = Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee (Director of DX Division) mentioned the possibility of receiving a panel from LG Display, a competitor, for an OELD (organic light-emitting diode)-based TV to be released this year at a press conference held at ‘CES 2022’ on the 6th. It has announced that there will be large M&A mergers and acquisitions.

Jong-hee Han, Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics [사진=삼성전자]

As the reason for not officially introducing QD (quantum dot) display TVs at this CES, Vice Chairman Han said, “Samsung Display is mass-producing QD displays, but the desired quantity is not yet available, so we removed it from the exhibition.” “he said.

In particular, to the question of whether LG Display’s OLED panels will be supplied to QD-display TVs, he answered, “We have been purchasing panels from LG since the shortage of existing TV panels was severe.” .

Vice Chairman Han emphasized that Samsung’s basic TV strategy is a top-level ‘micro LED-LCD-based QLED’ two-track. Accordingly, he explained that the premium TV lineup will be in the order of Micro LED, Neo QLED, and QD TV.

Regarding the delay in the production of top-level micro LED TVs, “This is because technology transfer was delayed due to the impact of Corona 19 and factory operation was disrupted.” We will respond by producing and expanding our Vietnamese plant,” he said.

Regarding Samsung Electronics’ plans for large-scale M&A mergers and acquisitions, Vice Chairman Han said, “We are looking at (targets) quite a lot, with a lot of possibilities in both parts and finished products (sets).”

In response to a follow-up question about whether M&As would come first in the electronics (automobile parts) business, Vice Chairman Han said, “We are reviewing M&As in various business fields, so I don’t know where it will go first, but we are running much faster than you think.” “I think there will be good news soon,” he said.

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Meanwhile, on the same day, Vice Chairman Han made a difference through customer-oriented borderless innovation based on a portfolio of products and services, development of future core technologies such as AI, big data, and robots, and eco-friendly technologies, open collaboration with various fields, and bold attempts to discover new businesses. It also introduced the main practical directions for creating a customized customer experience.

He continued, as the main business direction for the DX sector in 2022, is to maintain the super-gap in the global TV market, to expand the global spread of bespoke home appliances, to provide a smart home experience, and to strengthen the premium market leadership and the Galaxy ecosystem based on the success of foldables. said.


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