César Astudillo on the search of his house: “I am outraged, what is that prosecutor on his mind?”

The general Cesar Astudillo, head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, said he was “outraged” by the search of his house, as part of the investigations by an alleged case of theft and sale of fuel assigned to the Peruvian Army.

Not only am I deeply indignant, but I am saddened by the situation in which the Public Ministry operates. It is outrageous, and I am going to make special reasons so that the full weight of the law falls on that corrupt prosecutor, “he told the program. Turned on.

The high command assured that you do not have a single notification about the investigation initiated against you, for which he considered that the principle of presumption of innocence had been violated in his case.

“I do not have a single notification from the Public Ministry, They haven’t even sent me a fax, an email, a WhatsApp; nothing that involves me in that case to at least defend myself from the absurd accusations that are being made to me “, he commented.

“A commanding general who has covered up a robbery, what is that? A general commander who has stolen 13 thousand soles, by God! What is that prosecutor on his mind?”He added.

“Media show”

The Prosecutor’s Office raided this morning the homes of General Astudillo and 11 others investigated for a case of alleged theft and sale of fuel assigned to the Peruvian Army. In his Twitter account, the Public Ministry reported that Astudillo Salcedo “is being investigated for the alleged crime of real and personal cover-up and fraudulent embezzlement.”

In this regard, the high command, which is currently in Madre de Dios, called the diligence as “a media show” of the Prosecutor’s Office.

“My wife is desperate because they have entered her accommodation, her room, her house. They are taking out clothes, they are taking out jewelry. What happens to these individuals, by God?”, He declared.

“A media show. Fifty policemen have entered bursting, shouting, shutting up the neighbors. Our forces cannot be lent to do that, to completely annul their authorities, authorities that have roots, that are completely identified, ”he declared.

Astudillo said that this case “is not only a shame for me, for my family, it’s a shame for the country, that our prosecutors act in that way.

It is worth mentioning that the Prosecutor’s Office requested the preliminary detention for seven days of General Astudillo and the other investigated, but the request was rejected by the Judiciary.

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