César Hildebrandt: After the departure of Guido Bellido, the second great news is that Peru Libre has broken up with Pedro Castillo | Vladimir Cerrón | Politics

César Hildebrandt he referred to the break between Vladimir Cerrón and the management of Pedro Castillo, this due to the position taken by the Perulibista party when announcing that they will not give confidence to the cabinet of Mirtha Vásquez. In his last column in the weekly Hildebrandt en sus thirteen, this Friday, October 15, the journalist highlights that “After Bellido’s departure, the second big news is that Peru Libre has broken with Pedro Castillo and declared war on him.”.

Announcing that the ruling party will deny Vásquez’s cabinet confidence, reveals the true spirit of Cerronismo. It is not really a match. We speak of the PARTY, with the capital letters of Beria and the underlining of Raúl Castro. We talked about the sacrosanct match that I was going to do here, without Granma or Sierra Maestra, ”he said.

As he explained, the former regional governor of Junín wanted the president to be “his squirt, his napkin, his kid and his piquichón.” “He saw himself making the Cuban revolution from behind the scenes. Fidel Castro felt and Castillo assigned him the sad role of Osvaldo Dorticós, ”he added.

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“The problem is that the outcome has been different than expected. Mr. Cerrón, who has employed his holy mother as the holder of totally inexplicable bank accounts, believed that the hidden presidency he held would be maintained indefinitely. Serious mistake. After Guido Bellido was thrown out of the fold and the cabinet was rebuilt, Cerrón was left with nothing, “he said.

Vladimir Cerrón is investigated for money laundering in the Los Dinámicos del Centro case. Photo: The Republic

For César Hildebrandt, the situation of the founder of Peru Libre “is counting down towards a trial that can be devastating.” Vladimir Cerrón He is currently being investigated for money laundering, in the case of Los Dinámicos del Centro, an organization of which he is presumably the leader, according to the Public Ministry.

Cerrón speaks of betrayal and deviationism. He believes that the people will take to the streets and shout his name. Those who will have to appoint him in the coming days, and insistently, will be prosecutors and judges. And accounting experts”, He emphasized.

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Finally, the journalist said he hoped that the head of state, Pedro Castillo, “Do not panic”, since “Cerrón’s obsessive compulsive disorder could not govern Peru” and considers that the current president “can make a left government that changes the constitution where it has to be changed, that modifies the economic model and avoid the abuse of the reigning plutocracy and inaugurate a new time without bringing down investment or opening the inflationary Pandora’s box ”.


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