Cesc Gay: “With theater I still feel like I’m learning from it, and that’s good”

“Theater is new to me, I already know a little more about cinema, but with theater I still feel like I’m learning from it and that’s good, it’s a feeling I like“, Says the filmmaker Cesc Gay, who this Thursday premieres his second theatrical production in Temporada Alta. It’s 53 Sundays, a comedy about the relationship between three brothers with Pere Arquillué, Marta Marco, Àgata Roca and Lluís Villanueva in the cast.

Until Sunday, the Teatre Municipal de Girona will host four performances of this show that sparks between siblings from the concern of what to do with their father, who is already old. “I always look for conflict and this case interested me in the resentment kept for years by the bond from childhood, a situation that generates absurd situations and really ridiculous fights, explains about a show “very ironic and acid, but also kind, because the brothers despite the tensions try to show that nothing is happening and this disguise is a very interesting place to write comedy.”

53 Sundays arrives after his theatrical debut, The neighbors upstairs, it was a success, both in the Catalan version (90,000) and in Spanish (over 150,000 spectators) and it has now become a film, Sentimental, which was to be released just when cinemas closed in Catalonia.

“I think I couldn’t have planned it worse – two premieres at a time and at the worst time! But it has gone like this and we can’t stand idly by, especially when people respond and want cinema and theater “, he points out.


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