CEZ is interested in Vodafone – Novinky.cz

“We have confirmed to Hospodářské noviny that since the period before the 5G auction, negotiations have been underway with ČEZ on various possibilities for strategic cooperation. However, we did not confirm that this is a sale of the entire Vodafone company, “the operator’s spokesman Ondřej Luštinec told ČTK.

According to Hospodářské noviny, the selling price of Vodafone can be derived from the competing operator O2. It has five times higher profits and its market capitalization reaches 79 billion crowns.

The market capitalization of a company expresses the market value of a joint-stock company, it is the sum of the current value of all shares issued by this company. The price of Vodafone could thus be around 16 billion.

The virtual operator Mobil from ČEZ uses the O2 infrastructure and its services are used by approximately 125,000 customers.

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