CGT denounces abusive suspensions at Valence hospital

The first controversies, after suspensions of unvaccinated caregivers. Of the 52 agents suspended from the Valence hospital center, the CGT denounces abusive suspensions of employees on sick leave, and intends to support the agents concerned so that they file an interim relief before the courts, in order to challenge these decisions.

It would be a first to suspend people on sick leave. We are in a state of law! – Karim Chkeri, CGT secretary at the Center hospitalier de Valence

Karim Chkeri, the general secretary of the CGT union at the hospital in Valencia even speaks “d’abuse of power ; and excludes the judgment of convenience argument. “I don’t know if we can say ‘stop of convenience’. Doctors take sick leave, only doctors are judges. Afterwards, the administration has the possibility of sending an expertise. I do not see why we suspend people on sick leave. What is aberrant is that some have been off work for several months for burn-out for example ! Are we trying to push them to the limit? “ he hammers.

On on the Facebook page, the union invites the employees concerned to make themselves known: “if you are suspended, contact us. We are in contact with a lawyer to make summary proceedings “.

Yes, there are employees on sick leave who are suspended take over management

The management of the hospital, through the voice of its deputy director Patrick Méchain, assumes and ensures that the hospital will defend its position, “no problem”. He explains that he does not understand the arguments and the criticisms of the CGT. Yes, there are officers on sick leave who have been suspended. Most “not people who are on long illness, or on long maternity leave”. They will only be able to provide their health pass when they return to work. “These are short work stoppages, taken around the date of September 15, by people who did not want to give their certificate” explains Patrick Méchain.

It was a voluntary step on their part to avoid this obligation to transmit the certificate. Purposely. So the suspension measure also concerns them – Patrick Méchain, the deputy director of the Center hospitalier de Valence

“You can send the certificate, even from your hospital bed” considers the deputy director of the hospital of Valence, “you have the document with you, on your smartphone. So the absence of communication is worth suspension”. He adds that memos, letters and meetings widely circulated within the hospital exclude the hypothesis of forgetting or ignorance of the need to hand in his vaccination pass by September 15.

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