CHA Biotech acquires European patent for ‘Neural Progenitor Cell Proliferation Method’

[로이슈 전여송 기자]

CHA Biotech announced on the 10th that it had obtained a European patent for a method for proliferating neural progenitor cells and a composition for treating neurological diseases containing proliferated neural progenitor cells on the 9th.

The patent obtained this time is a technology for proliferating and culturing neuronal progenitor cells in large quantities under hypoxic conditions. Neural progenitor cells refer to cells capable of differentiating into various types of nerve cells.

Using this patented technology, a small amount of neural progenitor cells isolated from one donor can be proliferated in large quantities to an amount that can be treated by about 250,000 people. It can be used to treat neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Huntington’s disease by inducing differentiation of neural progenitor cells into neurons.

CHA Biotech has already obtained domestic and European patents for ‘method of inducing differentiation of neural progenitor cells into dopaminergic cells’, and a domestic patent for ‘neural progenitor cell proliferation method’, respectively, and is in the process of registering a US patent. With this European patent acquisition, it is known that the company has secured a base technology for mass production and has secured an unrivaled position in the business of developing cell therapy for brain and nervous system diseases not only in Korea but also abroad.

CHA Biotech is preparing to accelerate the commercialization of treatment for neurological diseases, and is currently conducting preclinical trials for the introduction of clinical trials.

CEO Oh Sang-hoon said, “CHA Biotech has established a mass production process for the development of customized cell therapy products optimized for brain and nervous system diseases, and its technology has been recognized not only in Korea but also in Europe by obtaining a patent.” “Based on patented technology, Parkinson’s disease We plan to accelerate the development of cell therapies for brain and nervous system diseases,” he said.

Reporter Jeon Yeo-song (lawissue)


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