Cha Vaccine Research Institute “Development of Corona 19-Influenza Mixed Vaccine” –

Increased convenience of combined vaccine vaccination…


The Cha Vaccine Research Institute announced on the 17th that it attended the 2022 Hwasun International Vaccine Forum and introduced the development status of ‘new corona and influenza mixed premium vaccine candidates’. Jeon Eun-young, deputy director of research at the Cha Vaccine Research Institute, made a presentation on the theme of ‘Corona Vaccine Development in the Corona 19 Endemic Era’ at the 2022 Korea Vaccine Research and Development Sharing Session held on the 11th.

The Cha Vaccine Research Institute is developing a candidate for a ‘Corona 19-influenza mixed vaccine’ with improved convenience and preventive effect for the elderly.

Eun-Young Jeon, Director of Research Department, said, “This candidate material can simultaneously increase immunogenicity against corona and influenza by using L-pampo™, a self-developed immune enhancement platform, and increase the preventive effect for the elderly with reduced immunity. ”he said.

El-Fampo induced a higher level of immunogenicity than the immune enhancers used in commercially available vaccines. The company explained that even in the COVID-19-influenza combination vaccine, it was confirmed that vaccine efficiency can be increased by activating not only the humoral immune response that activates the production of antibodies against the two viral antigens, but also the cellular immune response that directly attacks the virus. did.

Based on these results, it was selected for the ‘future growth high value-added vaccine development’ project conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

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