Chachoengsao Central Prison Only 707 people remain uninfected with COVID-19.


June 11, 2021 – 21:09

Chachoengsao Central Prison Only 707 people left uninfected with COVID-19, found the statistics of the severe outbreak decreasing for 3 consecutive days.

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Chachoengsao Central Prison, according to Sanam Hospital data, that today there are still 34 new cases of infection, resulting in 1,980 inmates out of a total of 2,687 inmates, or accounted for 73.68 percent of the number of inmates in this prison.

There are still only 707 uninfected inmates left, 1,538 are still in treatment and 331 have been cured.

While Miss Somsakul Alfred, Acting Commander of Chachoengsao Central Prison Referring to the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak in Chachoengsao Central Prison, so far, there are no infected patients with critical symptoms. Most of them are asymptomatic, green, and mildly symptomatic, yellow, all of which have waited 14 days for treatment results and will need another 14 days to rest.

in caring for patients If you start to get tired from congenital disease The prison will expedite the treatment outside. in order to alleviate the situation and did not fall into a patient in the red group or have more severe symptoms

As of now, there are 331 inmates who have recovered, while the internal outbreak is likely to decline for three days.

For the field hospital within the prison is the prisoners’ quarters Because many patients in the green group are asymptomatic. therefore distributed the thieves paniculata In the yellow group, favipiravir was administered. which now has enough Therefore, there is no incident that will cause concern at all.

with staff and a team of doctors and nurses from Phutthasothon Hospital to take care of infected people in the prison very well or excellent

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