Chairman Akio Toyoda talks about liquid hydrogen Corolla at minus 253 degrees Celsius Fuji 24 hour race “Intentional action and passion brings one step closer to the future”-Car Watch

2023-05-26 04:38:55

Akio Toyoda, Chairman and Representative Director of Toyota Motor Corporation.Participating as Morizo ​​in a -253°C liquid hydrogen GR Corolla

From May 26th to 28th, “Super Taikyu Round 2 Round 2 NAPAC Fuji SUPER TEC 24 Hours Race” is being held at Fuji Speedway. The #32 ORC ROOKIE GR Corolla H2 concept (Masahiro Sasaki/MORIZO/Hiroaki Ishiura/Yasuhiro Ogura/Jari-Matti Latvala) will make its debut in the ST-Q class at the Fuji 24 Hours, running on -253°C liquid hydrogen fuel. become.

The car had already participated in test runs at Fuji, but due to some problems such as a fire due to a hydrogen leak, the debut of the first round was delayed. Toyota Motor Corporation, which develops the liquid hydrogen GR Corolla, implemented kaizen measures to address these problems. We will challenge the 24-hour race by dramatically improving the ability to detect hydrogen leaks and changing the location of the leak.

The debut of the 70MPa compressed hydrogen Corolla was the Fuji 24 Hours race two years ago, but the liquid hydrogen GR Corolla will also debut in the tough 24 hour race.

On May 25th, I was able to meet Mr. Morizo ​​(MORIZO), the chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr. Akio Toyoda.

Chairman Akio Toyoda said, “Finally, the world’s first liquid hydrogen GR Corolla will run. Since it is a 24-hour race, there will be planned suspensions such as parts replacement. I would like to mention this planned suspension from the beginning. It’s a planned shutdown,” he said, referring to the planned shutdown. I also confirmed with another staff, but rather than running for 24 hours in a row, it seems that it is necessary to replace a certain part, so it seems that it will be running while replacing that part.

“If you don’t tell us about the planned suspension in advance, you’ll write something like Mr. Tanigawa, ‘What happened?’ (Chairman Toyoda). With liquid hydrogen, the hydrogen filling time seems to be shorter than with gaseous hydrogen (normal pressure hydrogen supply), but it seems that it takes time to replace parts that gaseous hydrogen does not have.

Then, I think it’s the pump that guides the liquid hydrogen to the heat exchanger, but it may become clear in the final race.

Chairman Akio Toyoda explained the significance of participating in the 24-hour race with the liquid hydrogen GR Corolla, saying, “When you think of liquid hydrogen, you think of rockets. Since last year, since the days of gaseous hydrogen, so many people have gathered. So, there is a possibility that there will be more new friends than before.This will lead to the future.Completing the final race means that this team’s intentional actions and passion will bring us one step closer to the future. I would like you to pay attention to that area.” Unlike gaseous hydrogen, liquid hydrogen has the difficulty of being a fuel with a temperature of -253°C.

What kind of friends will increase may become clear during the coverage of the final race. In any case, the area that Chairman Akio Toyoda will challenge as Morizo ​​and as a team will be an area that no one in the world has challenged.

In the “G7 Hiroshima Leaders’ Communiqué” at the previous G7 Summit, hydrogen was given particular importance in terms of energy. For that reason alone, the battle to open up the use of vehicles other than FCEVs (fuel cell vehicles) will be the challenge of this 24-hour race using liquid hydrogen.

Liquid hydrogen GR Corolla running on Fuji Speedway

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