Chairman of the Board of Trustees, ready to increase the limit “Lan House Phase 2”

chairman of the board Thos. ready to increase the limitmillion houses phase2″ If the loan is fully approved 2 ten billion baht Pointing out the real estate market can still be sold Aiming to bring condos for sale sold to foreigners

date 27 September 2564 Mr. Yuttana gymnast Director-General of the Treasury Department As the chairman of the Government Housing Bank (Thos.) revealed that after Thos. Launching a million home loan project stage 2 limit 20,000 million baht Considered a very good response. The number of applicants for credit exceeds the project limit. 2 as much as or has a request for a limit of more than 49,590 income limit 59,508 million baht However, if Thos.Approval of the credit limit in full 20,000 million bahtBoard Thos.may consider increasing the limit of the project

Currently, people requesting a million home loans after phase. 2 has exceeded the current project cycle. which a lot of people are interested inbecause it is a low interest loan charge only 1.99% per year only In addition, there are many people who rent houses or accommodation. When the opportunity to buy a house will change from having to pay rent to pay home installments to have a home of their ownMany people who want to have a home are interested in joining. as well as to stimulate the economy as well

at the same time At present, the real estate market is still at a sellable level. You can see from the Treasury Department. bring the royal property that has become the land by seizing from a money laundering offense under the law To organize auctions for sale online, there are many people who are interested. In the first round in June 2564 Make money for the government from this auction. 320 million baht and in the second round on August 2 generate an income of approx. 300 million baht Most of the assets land house with land apartment commercial building

such as land in Chanthaburi province There are more interested people around the auction. 100 time by the opening price of the auction at 1,700,000 baht and ended the auction at 3,600,000 baht etc. If you look at the overview The room group or condominium There was a news that it was not easy to sell. But the real estate sector It also reiterated that People still want to buy. And there are plans to create more new projects.

Condo section still waiting for sale I would like to offer the idea that it should be open to foreigners to have the right to buy. because it is an asset that cannot be taken apart from the country which does not require investment or create more projects because using condos that have been built for sale In order to stimulate the economy and be another channel to increase income into the country

Mr. Chatchai Sirilai Managing Director of Government Housing Bank(Thos.)​ said Currently, the registration amount for a million phase home loan 2 There are many 59,508 million baht In this number, the loan was submitted. 1,200 million baht The bank has approved approx.280 million baht only However, the bank will carefully consider the borrower’s qualifications as there is still a long loan approval period. As for increasing the limit, it will have to wait for approval to reach the full limit. 20,000 million baht before considering expanding the next frame

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