Challenges of a shared future at the ‘Brazil-Europe Forum, looking to the future’

The largest economy in Latin America and the second largest on the continent, behind the United States, finds in Spain a strategic ally, and in the European Union, its first trading partner. Locomotive of the Mercosur (South American Common Market), Brazil, shaken by the covid 19 pandemic, needs – like the rest of the planet – to regain the path of growth.

On the ways to achieve it, on the state of the situation of this South American giant, on relations with Europe and with Spain, they will present, this Wednesday, November 18 at 8:00 p.m. at the ‘ABC Brazil-Europe Forum, looking to the future’, Roberto Fendt, Vice Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of Brazil; Stefano Sannino, Deputy Secretary of the European External Action Service for Economic and Global Affairs; Cristina Gallach, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Eduardo Navarro, Global Director of Communications, Brand, Public Affairs and Sustainability at Telef√≥nica.

Crises such as the one caused by the pandemic force us to seek unique solutions within a framework of cooperation. Global challenges dictate joint solutions. Reconstruction is the word that now determines the agendas of governments on both sides of the Atlantic. How to harmonize them? What are the keys to achieving a better understanding? How to resolve misgivings? These are some of the questions to be answered in the ‘Europe-Brazil Forum, looking at the future’, which will be broadcast live via streaming in this newspaper.


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