Chamber of Deputies suffers “massive computer attack” from abroad | National

Leonardo Rubilar | UNO Agency


The day of this Thursday, the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies suffered a massive cyber attack from abroad.

According to information delivered from the table of the Lower House, the fact is registered at 13:04.

In turn, through a statement, it was specified that – according to a first review – this “It would come from users in the United States”.

Also, the letter pointed out that the situation “It saturated our internet access doors and security devices stopped operating normally”.

Due to the foregoing, it proceeded to suspend “Momentary form the processing of the Budget Law, since the telematic system did not have the necessary stability to guarantee the participation of the ladies and gentlemen of the deputies who were in the room not in person ”.

Furthermore, as the minutes passed, it was reported that the Corporation – through the IT Unit – took “all the measures established in the action protocols to mitigate the effects of the massive attack, managing to restore and stabilize our systems.”

“In this way, the proper functioning of our computer services was guaranteed and with it the good and safe work of the Corporation,” the text stated.


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