world Chamber orders the Government to repatriate Salvadorans stranded abroad...

Chamber orders the Government to repatriate Salvadorans stranded abroad | News from El Salvador


It should be done gradually and prioritize the most urgent cases; In addition, sanitary protocols must be complied with. Constitutional magistrates give Bukele six days to report the progress of the required action plan.

The Salvadoran government must prepare an urgent plan for the repatriation of the 4,500 compatriots who are stranded in various countriesAs a result of the Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero international airport in Comalapa, it is closed as part of the preventive measures of the Covid 19 pandemic, as ordered yesterday by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).

The plan must be gradual, priority must be given to the most urgent cases and that returnees comply with the health quarantine upon arrival in the country.

The above is reflected in the admission of the application for amparo that a group of Salvadorans who are waiting in different countries put.

“This plan will have to include objective criteria in order to prioritize the staggered return of those Salvadorans who are in a situation of greater vulnerability or of urgent personal need or with respect to third parties, so a registry or database of the compatriots who are in those circumstances should be carried out as soon as possible -if there is no possession- and establish priority of return, “states the resolution.

Among the people to whom their return should be prioritized include the elderly and those with vulnerable health conditions; Salvadoran women pregnant or lactating, parents who are without their children minors and those who depend on them, and the people that the government authorities determine, who are in a greater situation of vulnerability or in urgent need of repatriation.

In this sense, the government authorities must carry out, in the shortest possible time, a registry or database, if not owned, of Salvadorans who are in these circumstances.

President Nayib Bukele and Public Health authorities must take into account -the moment they are repatriated, the installed capacity of the Containment Centers so that returnees can comply with the quarantine (if this is what the health authorities determine appropriate) in decent and adequate conditions in shelters.

The Chamber orders President Bukele to send a report within six calendar days, from the notification of the resolution, on compliance with said precautionary measure (repatriation plan).

The report must contain the content of the action plan, the authorities that will be involved in the preparation and execution of the plan, and the times in which it must report on the progress of the repatriation efforts of Salvadorans in situations of vulnerability or in urgent need of re-entry to the country.

The constitutional magistrates rejected the measure requested by the plaintiffs regarding the immediate opening of the Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero international airport in Comalapa, because the right to health in the country must be prioritized.

On Monday night, President Nayib Bukele ruled out the repatriation of some 4,500 Salvadorans who are in different countries and who were unable to travel to the country due to the closure of the Comalapa airport.

He acknowledged that the government did not have sufficient capacity in the 104 shelters that serve more than 6,000 people who meet the thirty-day quarantine.




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