change in schedule for the next qualifying match

According to journalist Diego Rueda, from the Colombian Football Federation they will ask that the next game of Playoffs It is not played at 4:00 pm, as happened with Brazil and Ecuador, but at 6:00 pm

Colombia will face Paraguay on November 11 at the Metropolitano stadium. That match will be crucial so that the ‘Tricolor’ does not give up more ground in front of its pursuers in the Eliminatory standings table.

Although historically Colombia has had good results with the afternoon schedule, because he took advantage of the weather conditions, that has not been reflected in the last games, which is why the coaching staff asked for this change, said the Caracol Radio journalist.

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Despite some fans questioning that this city is the only one where matches are played, and seeing the latest results it has achieved, lFans from various parts of the country were demanding a change of venue.

After the game against Ecuador, which was played at 4:00 pm, Reinaldo Rueda it gave lights that those climatic conditions were no longer an advantage.

“I don’t know if what was once an advantage still is. I think it is a secondary factor, since Colombia, with all its players playing abroad, adapting to the temperature and humidity is the same for both. Hopefully we do well and the climate is secondary, “he said.

Given this situation, it was thought that there could be a change of venue, but that will not happen and Barranquilla It will continue to be the home of the National Team, as it has been for the last nine years.


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