Change with a surprising effect: the product is suddenly bought significantly more frequently at Aldi

Sustainability is an important issue for many consumers. Different studies and internal evaluations at Rewe and Edeka show that customers bought organic products particularly often in the past year.

When making a purchase decision, it was not only the low price that played a decisive role for consumers, but also whether these products were manufactured sustainably. According to evaluations, regional products are particularly well received.

A representative study by infas – the Institute for Applied Social Science, commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in 2018, shows that over a quarter of people in Germany regularly shop for organic food. The trend is increasing.

That is why Aldi, Lidl, Penny and Co. worked on their range last year. Customers not only find more products with the organic seal, but also increasingly products that were not otherwise available from discounters – for example chia seeds, pea noodles, oat milk or quinoa. Aldi seems to be taking positive stock with this new strategy.

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