Channel 9 sends “normal sports in the house”, an inspirational sports documentary. to build family relationships

Thai Rath Edition

31 May 2022 6:45 a.m.

Continues to organize water programs continuously, most recently, Channel 9 MCOT HD hosted the program “home sportssports documentaryInspiration to build family relationships, produced by Kasetsart University Faculty of Education by the Safe and Creative Media Development Fund Provide support to strengthen family relationships Encourage family members to see the value of spending quality time doing activities. with exercise andplay sports Available to watch every Saturday at 10:30 AM.

By this Saturday, meet “Father and son dabble in the trail” Family members of different ages have different interests. Respecting ideas and consulting together to design appropriate activities The trail running activity was a challenge for my daughter. So the family took them to spend quality time together. encounter various obstacles in training and competition considered as a supplementary toolbuild a relationshipin the family.

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