Chant Me Laugh from Monday to Thursday

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comComedian senior Opie Kumis was doubted by his wife when he said he would work in the entertainment world.

At that time, Opie Kumis was invited to play in soap operas Passage of time by Deddy Mizwar.

“I talked to my chant I wanted to play a movie. My chant laughed from Monday to Thursday. He didn’t believe it,” said Opie Kumis as quoted by from the Net TV Night Night program, Sunday (18/10/2020).

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Opie Kumis has actually been active in the theater for a long time.

However, after getting married he became a construction worker because the theater world did not make much money.

“My chant said, ‘there’s no way you can play a movie, you’re looking at your face like a grind!’ I was annoyed at my chant there because he didn’t believe it, “said Opie Kumis.

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Unexpectedly, soap operas Passage of time success in becoming one of the most anticipated soap operas during the fasting month.

Opie Kumis was even contracted for six seasons to appear in the soap opera, from 1999 to 2006.

At that time, Opie Kumis was paid Rp. 150,000 for each performance.

Soap operas Passage of time also changed the life of Opie Kumis who eventually changed her profession from a construction worker to become comedian on television shows.


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