Chantal Goya homeless homeless, forced to leave her apartment urgently with her husband

Chantal Goya’s life is not a long quiet river. Indeed, after the finances, another drama shakes his life. We tell you everything!

Chantal Goya in turmoil

A singer adored by many generations

Impossible not to hum one of the artist’s hits. Indeed, when we have a child, we like to make him listen. However, some criticism will have had an impact on his career. Fortunately, Chantal Goya gave the impression of having an extraordinary character. In fact, it seemed like she was still hiding behind the mask of recklessness. For a while, she was even a role model for the LGBT community. For all her reasons and others, she seems to us to be eternal in our hearts and minds. So what happened to make her lose her footing?

First of all, remember since they met, she has never left Jean-Jacques Debout with one sole. Moreover, between them, they form a shock team. While she sings, write to her. Unfortunately, glitches with taxes disturb this balance. At the time, it made headlines hurry. However, far from being overwhelmed by this disaster, Chantal Goya then decides to resume her character of Marie-Rose on tours throughout France. This will be enough for a while, but not indefinitely.

The water drop

Installed in the nine arrondissement of the capital, Chantal Goya was preparing to leave her haven of peace. Becoming too expensive for their meager finances, the couple finally found something that suited them better. Unfortunately, the pandemic arrives right at the time of the transaction. So everything fell apart. Without resources and without shelter, how do they manage to survive in the Parisian jungle? They may have turned the problem all over the place, but it is impossible to find a compromise. Recently, the singer told us to receive a pension of barely 600 euros. Only the copyrights of his hits periodically supplement the budget.

However, there is one solution and her name is Clarisse. She is the daughter of Chantal Goya and Jean-Jacques Debout. She offered to welcome her illustrious parents. It is a true gift from heaven! So off to Versailles. Moreover, the move went well this time. We are a little more reassured about the fate of our favorite artist. Indeed, with the containments and restrictions imposed by the government on the world of culture, we do not know if she will ever return to the stage. In the meantime, if you want to hear from her, she obviously has a well-stocked Instagram account!

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