Chanwon Lee of ‘Breaking the Seal’, duet stage with the son of the original songwriter of ‘Jintobaegi’

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Chan-won Lee met the son of the original songwriter of ‘Jintobaegi’ and performed a duet.

In ‘Jang Yun-jung’s Seal Breaking – Making a Former National Singer’, which was broadcasted at 7:30 pm on the 9th, the bands of ‘Dojang Family’ Jang Yoon-jung, Do Kyung-wan, and Jang Ji-won and special student Chan-won Lee visited Daejeon Metropolitan City to meet applicants. .

The first applicant was Lee Seung-hwan, the son of the original songwriter for ‘Jintobaegi’, which Chanwon Lee sang in ‘Mr. Trot’. Lee Seung-hwan said, “I want to show the world by digesting his father’s song beautifully.” Jang Yoon-jung said, “You can’t make a picture of you singing your father’s song look sad. Rather, I want him to show that he is doing well on stage and send a message saying, ‘Don’t forget my father, please love your song,'” he said sincere advice. Chan-Won Lee said, “Seeing my son is new and it makes me cry.” Chanwon Lee then performed a duet with Seunghwan Lee in ‘Jintobaegi’.

While Song Joo-young, an old song lover who wants to challenge the trot genre, appeared as the second applicant, Jang Yoon-jung said, “I can predict how you will call it.” Chan-won Lee, who watched this, said, “It’s so strange. Shall we take a seat at the applicant’s seat?” and expressed his intention to support ‘Breaking the Seal’. In response to Jang Yoon-jung’s coaching, Song Joo-young said, “I can do it, you touched this psychological part (thank you),” and she burst into tears.

Kim Jae-soo, the last applicant, surprised Yoon-Jeong Jang, Kyung-Wan Do, and Chan-Won Lee with his high-level singing skills. Jang Yoon-jung said, “She had a moderate volume and stable pitch enough to be lip-synced. You have a good tone and you do it very well.” In fact, Kim Jae-soo revealed that despite his high-level singing skills, he had never won a prize in a music festival due to a mistake in forgetting his lyrics. Jang Yoon-jung suggested a solution that reminds her of her lyrics by learning gestures that fit her lyrics, and Jae-soo Kim succeeded in completing the song without forgetting her lyrics.

Intern reporter Kim Da-eun

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