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Reporter Wu Ruici/Comprehensive Report

With the development of the Internet age, many people will make their voices heard through the Internet or through shows The insults and the gifs sparked a lot of discussion. Some netizens pointed out that the man was EXO Chanyeol. The rumors spread wildly, and the agency SM Entertainment came forward to clarify that “that’s not Chanyeol”. The content is now causing controversy in South Korea.

▲A well-known Internet celebrity knight broke the news that he had encountered bad driving on the road, and went forward to the theory and found that the other party was an idol. (Photo/Retrieved from the content of the “Attack Granny” program)

A South Korean knight internet celebrity broke the news on the program “Attack on Grandma” on the 26th that when he was riding a bike on the road, he was forced by an imported car. It made her angry and dumbfounded. While waiting for the red light, she stepped forward and knocked on the car window to try to make a theory. Unexpectedly, the other party did not forget to cover her face with her middle finger, and finally found out that the driver turned out to be an idol. , she exclaimed: “It’s a very famous idol. If that name came out of my mouth, I might be buried quietly.”

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The video of an idol versus a female knight's middle finger went viral.  (Picture / Retrieved from YouTube)

▲ The video of an idol versus a female knight’s middle finger went viral. (Picture / Retrieved from YouTube)

This revelation aroused the curiosity of netizens. Some people compared the videos posted by the knight on YouTube in the past and found that the car driven by the “idol” was a Mercedes G-Class model, and EXO Chanyeol was photographed in the past. When it comes to driving a similar style of vehicle, many netizens firmly believe that they are talking about Chanyeol, and the netizen’s claim immediately caused an uproar.

▲ SM angrily replied “The character in the film is not Chanyeol”. (Picture / Retrieved from Chanlie IG)

When the rumors came back to SM Entertainment, EXO Chanyeol’s agency responded strongly earlier: “The character in this film is not Chanyeol, and the vehicle is different from Chanyeol’s.” Strong legal accountability will be taken against those who spread the rumor. However, Chanyeol Company denied it, but the identity of the idols in the film is still a mystery. The storm even returned to the variety show “Attack Grandma”. The production team has now set the film to be non-public.

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