Chaos at airports as resumption of domestic flights

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Airports have long queues as flights resume after two months

Long queues and chaos greeted passengers at Indian airports when flights resumed after a two-month ban.

Local media said almost 100 flights were canceled, although many more started as planned.

The state of Maharashtra, with the highest number of Covid 19 cases in India, said it only allowed 50 flights a day, which would result in multiple cancellations.

Angry passengers say they have not been informed in advance.

“Our flight was canceled and there is no one to answer us at the help desk. We don’t know what to do now,” a passenger in the southern city of Chennai told ANI.

He says that he and his family have been in the city since March 15, and finally booked tickets for the flight back to their home in Mumbai (capital of Maharashtra), but didn’t learn about the cancellation until they arrived at the airport.

Several airmen also went to Twitter to complain that Air India, the national airline, had not informed them of cancellations and had swapped flight schedules.

Others say they only heard of cancellations after waiting in long lines for hours at the airport.

India has stepped up preventive measures before resuming domestic flights.

Security officers check the temperature of each passenger and ensure that they have downloaded the government’s Covid-19 tracking app, Aarogya Setu. Further measures are the disinfection of shoes and luggage.

India has registered more than 138,000 cases of Covid-19 to date.

However, the country has also started to relax the restrictions on the nationwide blockade imposed on March 25. All passenger trains and flights have been suspended and most companies have been asked to close or only work with employees who work from home.

Only those that were considered essential – healthcare, food supplies, government services, and the media – were allowed to run during the ban. But now many of these restrictions have been lifted in areas that are not considered hotspots.


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