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Chaotic moving action “Moving Out” is distributed free of charge for one day only. At the Epic Games Store-AUTOMATON

On December 29th, the Epic Games Store began distributing “Moving Out” for free. The free distribution period is until 1:00 on December 30, 2021 in Japan time. If you add it to the library during the period, you will be able to continue playing after the distribution period ends. The Epic Games store version of “Moving Out” has a regular price of 2570 yen and supports Japanese subtitles.

“Moving Out” is a stage-clearing action game where you load your luggage as a moving company. The player of this work is a new employee who works for the moving company Smooth Moves. The player visits the customer’s house and carries the furniture left in the house. The purpose is to lift sofas, beds, chairs, TVs, etc. and load them onto trucks.

Specifically, when the operating character is moved close to the furniture and the button is pressed, the furniture is held. In that state, move to the truck and clear the stage by lowering all the furniture within the range above the truck. The clear rank is also determined according to the time it takes to carry all the luggage.

The process of carrying luggage can be annoying, such as the sofa getting caught in the door, the pool in the yard, or the long distance from the luggage to the truck. In such a case, you can freely carry the cargo by throwing it or using a shortcut by breaking the window glass. Since the purpose of this work is to put furniture on the truck, behaviors that are not allowed by a real moving company, such as vandalism in the house and handling of miscellaneous luggage, are allowed. A unique stage such as work on an island floating in a mysterious space and carrying out furniture from a psychic spot will also appear, and chaotic moving work will be unfolded. In addition, this work supports offline multiplayer for up to 4 players. The specifications will be changed somewhat from the one-player play, such as the ability to throw large furniture.

“Moving Out” was co-developed by SMG Studio and Devm Game and released in April 2020. In Steam user reviews, out of more than 860 ratings, 81% were well received and the status was “Very popular”. According to the announcement in September 2021, sales have exceeded 500,000.

『Moving Out』は、Epic Games StoreIt is being distributed free of charge until 1:00 on December 30th. One game is distributed free of charge every day from December 17th at the Epic Games Store, and a new free distribution work is scheduled to appear from 1:00 on December 30th.

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