Chaotic Zoom meeting goes viral

Between poor connections and cut microphones, chaotic videoconferences are rife during the pandemic, but with insults and expulsions, a Zoom meeting of an English local authority has gone viral.

The local council in the small town of Handforth, which has 6,000 inhabitants in the north-west of England, met on December 10 and turned into a fist fight.

Broadcast on the Internet, the recording of the meeting has already been viewed by millions of people, the British especially becoming infatuated with one of the central personalities of the meeting: Jackie Weaver, clerk who came to “help” the elected officials.

The cause? Her reaction when Chairman Brian Tolver introduced himself as “Clerk”: “The president just declared himself clerk and informed everyone,” she said at the time. “There’s no way to prevent him from declaring himself clerk. Please call me Britney Spears from now on ”.

Ms Weaver did not stop there, ending up expelling said chairman of the Zoom meeting after he refused to acknowledge its legitimacy, exclaiming, “You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver.”

The clerk quickly became the darling of British Twitter, with netizens embarking on the invention of various memes, sometimes combined under the hashtag #JusticeForJackie.

For example, you can see Jackie Weaver equated to “Disaster Girl”, that happy-looking little girl in front of a burning house, or Gandalf – the Lord of the Rings magician famous for his line “You shall not pass!” , replaced by “You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver”.

Invited Friday on the BBCJackie Weaver said he had only received “positive support” since the video went viral.

She also dampened the hopes of Internet users by asserting that “99.9% of board meetings do not go like that, they are often less exciting”.


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