Chapter One already has a release date on PS5, Xbox Series and PC

Frogwares has announced Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will debut first on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG next Nov. 16. The title will arrive a few weeks later on PS4 and Xbox One, without specifying how long we will have to wait on these platforms. The game featuring the younger version of Holmes has been shown in a new trailer:

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, open world game, is set in the nineteenth century, presenting a vibrant island in the middle of the Mediterranean which is little less than a paradise. However, political corruption and crime are rampant as the islanders cling to their traditions and shun outsiders, making the protagonist’s job difficult.

In addition to counting a standard edition for € 44.99, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will have a deluxe edition for € 59.99 that will include the season pass of the game, offering new cases such as ‘Saints and sinners’ (available on launch day) or ‘Mycroft’s pride’, ‘M for Mystery’ and ‘More than a joke’ (available later).

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One es un narrative game that reveals the story of the well-known character before he became the best detective in the world. Like a formidable rebel wanting to prove his worth, when the ancient wound from his mother’s death forces him to return to the Mediterranean coast where she died, it seems the perfect opportunity presents itself. All this has been appreciated in a cinematic trailer.

Crime, corruption, a twisted sense of justice and morality will be just some of the defining elements in this new Sherlock game for which the wait is coming to an end. Will it be worth it?

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