Chargers and Steelers deliver prime time NFL thrillers

A few days before Thanksgiving, the NFL was preparing for its very own personal football holiday with a lavish Week Eleven table. In our game day summary “Cover Them All” we try our way through the individual courses or games and tell you where it tasted particularly good and where the necessary salt was missing in the soup. The Sunday Night Football Game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers definitely had a lot of spice in it!

Justin Herbert, “Big Ben” & ein Sunday Night Shootout

That Justin Herbert likes to take part in an NFL shootout, that should be known by now and was therefore not a big surprise at this Sunday Night Football Game either. But the fact that “Big Ben” Roethlisberger picks up the gauntlet of the young shooting star on his not quite virginal NFL days and cheerfully shoots along, that was a little bit surprising. For the audience, however, the Sunday night game turned into a lively target shooting – with a better ending for the home team, which has six wins versus four defeats.

The home win seemed to be dry early on, as the Chargers developed a 17-point lead towards the end of the third quarter. But then a wild final section began with a brilliant race to catch up with the Steelers. Two scores by Eric Ebron and Pat Freiermuth tinkered a sandwich around a Courtland-Sutton interception within 26 seconds and the result was set to the beginning. Pittsburgh stops Chargers back Austin Ekeler on the fourth attempt in their own half and even takes the lead thanks to a field goal from Chris Boswell. But then the Steelers forget the massive Mike Williams on the left. Justin Herbert doesn’t do that and shortly afterwards it is 41:37.

Kansas City Chiefs continue uptrend against Dallas

Little history lesson: The Kansas City Chiefs were originally called the Dallas Texans in the old AFL days before they pitched their tents as “chiefs” just under 600 miles north. At the beginning of this game it seemed as if today’s Chiefs wanted to take revenge for the supposed expulsion, because Mahomes’ men marched early to a juicy lead. Above all, it is the defense of the outstanding Chris Jones (four sacks), who like Willie “Contact” Lanier himself sweeps across the lawn and pulls the teeth of a weakened cowboys offense early, in the middle and late. Dak Prescott will probably drive Left Tackle Tyron Smith himself to rehab next week and maybe buy him a large sundae so that he can come back quickly.

The Detroit Lions also have no win against Cleveland

In the Georgia Bulldogs Running Back Alumni Game, D’Andre Swift (136 rush yards, 9.7 yards per carry) was just ahead of his buddy Nick Chubb (130 rush yards, receiving touchdown), but then won the actual NFL game but the Cleveland Browns just under 13:10. Quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and NFL debutant Tim Boyle shine with a lot, just not with good passing (four interceptions, together only 253 pass yards), which would be the core of their job description.

Miami Dolphins beat the Jets in the NFL basement duel

The good news for the Miami Dolphins: They won their second NFL game in a row. The bad one? They hardly really looked any better than a Jets team whose navigation system had had an electronic fault for weeks and a gray Joe Flacco had taken a seat in the pilot’s chair. Two long touchdown receptions – one from Mack Hollins for Miami and one from the aspiring jet rookie Elijah Moore – are the highlights of the otherwise rather tired basement duel.

Houston Texans shock the Titans with away win

The Houston Texans don’t have much on their side, but if Tyrod Taylor is behind the center, they definitely start with a whole lot of heart. The signal caller, pursued by bad luck with injuries, leads his men to an impressive away win in Tennessee and, among other things, contributes a perfect flight insert to the touchdown. The Titans have a lot of sand in the machine and somehow they don’t seem to have it that way with NFL basement kids. Two of their three season bankruptcies come against the Texans and the Jets. After all, they are safe from such “powerhouses” in the playoffs.

Eagles fly very down to earth to their first home win

The NFL a Passing League? “Yes, that’s for sure,” say the Philadelphia Eagles and finally get Nick Sirianni’s first victory in the “City Of Brotherly Love” on the back of their versatile rushing attack. In the end it was 242 yards on the ground, quarterback Jalen Hurts trotted into the end zone for three scores and Darius Slay contributed his third scoring return of the season. New Orleans arrived with a list of injuries that is about as long as the way from the “Big Easy” to NOLA itself, so they found it difficult over long stretches of the game.

Vikings with a spectacular victory in the NFC North Battle against Green Bay

Do you like offense? Monster Receiver? Top quarterbacks going Blow 4 Blow? Then get the rerun of this game between two old NFC North rivals. It went back and forth, Justin Jefferson, Davante Adams, MVS, Dalvin Cook … pretty much every skill position player went crazy. In the end, the Vikings do it very cleverly and with a little luck. First there is a deep breath because Packers-Safety Darnell Savage didn’t intercept a too short pass from Cousins, and then kicker Greg Joseph is brought into position. The smart thing about it? There was no time left for Aaron Rodgers to strike back. A clear win on points for the Vikings.

San Francisco 49ers are getting used to winning

What a bumpy and frustrating NFL start to the season for the San Francisco 49ers. Yes, that’s fine, you got it, Niners fans! We don’t remind you anymore. The present looks much better, because with what feels like a Deebo-Samuel turbo drive, San Francisco rushes from victory to victory. In addition to a creative attack with efficient Jimmy Garoppolo, the defense around Nick Bosa, which allows the Jaguars just 200 yards, is particularly convincing. Jacksonville, quite the fine host, did not come up with any really unfriendly ideas in the attack and made it relatively easy for the Californians.

Tyler Huntley leads Baltimore Ravens to victory in Chicago

No Lamar Jackson, no problem! Well, almost none, because backup Tyler Huntley had a hard time with six sacks taken against a Bears defense held together by Roquan Smith (17 tackles) and Robert Quinn (3.5 sacks). In the end, Huntley found the bear spray, gave the ball to Devonta Freeman for the game winner and led the Ravens to a comeback victory. For Chicago, Justin Fields is taking a hefty step back after a few solid weeks and injuring his ribs on top of that. Andy Dalton can almost get the coals out of the fire afterwards, but then not quite.

Cam Newton’s home debut ends with an away win for Washington

He roared, he screamed, he danced, he scored, he tore his imaginary shirt off like Superman … and in the end the others won. Much to everything in the Carolina Panthers game against Washington Football Team revolved around Panthers returnees Cam Newton, who also had some strong scenes. Only if the Panthers are honest with themselves will he, 189 pass yards and a run-pass option offense not have a really successful future. The WFT with Taylor Heinicke is not really about to do that either, but at least his courageous performance (16 of 22 passes to the man, three touchdowns) can be rewarded with a win.

Jonathan Taylor signs himself up for the list of MVP candidates

For a long time the Indianapolis Colts season seemed to be going nowhere, but then Jonathan Taylor got hold of it and gave it a direction. The star running back is now a real MVP candidate, with performances like those against Buffalo (185 rush yards, five touchdowns), a long lifeless team with Carson Wentz as quarterback to five wins from six games. The defense also does its part against weak Bills, whose season seems to be getting completely out of hand. Neither Josh Allen nor the defense find their shape at any point, which has been a little too often for a true NFL contender over the past few weeks.

Arizona also stays on course with Colt McCoy

Everything will be fine when Russell Wilson comes back? Probably not, the Seattle Seahawks have to find out and are in front of the shards of their current NFL season after another bankruptcy. Even before her superstar was injured, a lot went wrong, as this division loss once again underscored. Colt McCoy does a more than respectable job as an emergency starter for the Cardinals with Zach Ertz’s help and even sets a few accents in this game. The rest come from a robust defense around Chandler Jones, who manage two sacks.

Cincinnati Bengals are back on the road to success

A small portion of the hype the Cincinnati Bengals got in the early stages of the NFL season was undoubtedly premature. The Tigers are in a development phase as a franchise, but the Las Vegas Raiders had to experience first hand that they are already a damned dangerous football team. Joe Mixon is a guarantee of success for the Bengals with 123 rush yards and two scores, and kicker Evan MacPherson adjusts his shot from a right leg. He hits four of four field goals for a total of 205 (!) Yards, three of which, as mathematicians have surely seen immediately, from over 50 yards. Hello, Special Teams Player Of The Week Award!


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