Charlene of Monaco unveils an even shorter haircut

“It’s my choice.” In a recent interview with Point of view, Charlene of Monaco put the dots on the i’s: yes, she is “probably, of all the members of royal families, the one who has tried the most different hairstyles”, but nothing will prevent it from continuing. It is true that his “half hawk”, a hairstyle that revealed part of his shaved head, had provoked strong reactions as Christmas approached.

After a wiser style when making the official portrait of the Monegasque princely family alongside Albert II and their twins, the former swimmer put it back. This February 9, on the occasion of the launch of the rugby tournament “Monaco Sevens”, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella appeared with a bowl cut to the boyish even shorter than the previous one. A very choice Peaky Blinders, highlighted Vanity Fair.

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