Charlotte Lewis’ accusations

Charlotte Lewis was 16 and dreamed of cinema. In 1983? Roman Polanski is looking for a young actress for his next film. The appointment is made in the director’s Parisian apartment. “This is where this charming man, whom I had known for barely 4 or 5 hours, completely transformed. He suddenly started to touch me, he put his hands on my chest, I pushed him away “, tells the British actress before denouncing the blackmail that Roman Polanski allegedly made her: if she refused to indulge the director’s desire, there was no longer any question for her of taking tests.

Rape dating from 1983, for which Charlotte Lewis did not file a complaint

“What I remember afterwards is him above me. Roman raped me. This is what happened”. Some time later, Charlotte Lewis climbs the steps of the Cannes Film Festival for her first role in the film “Pirates”. Roman Polanski will deny the facts, and will try to discredit his accuser by emphasizing an alleged fascination on the part of the actress, and her desire to become his mistress.

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