ChatGPT showed inability to assemble a PC – he suggested installing a Core i5-13600K on a board with Socket AM5

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According to analysts, artificial intelligence technologies like the ChatGPT chatbot will put 300 million people out of work in the US and Europe. Luckily for PC builders, they don’t face that prospect anytime soon. One of the largest US retailers of PC components, Newegg, has integrated the Build a Computer feature into its website using ChatGPT. The neural network copes with this task extremely poorly.

Image Source: Newegg

The ChatGPT bot build feature on Newegg is a parts configurator. It allows you to choose the main purpose of the PC (“for gaming”, “for creating digital content”), which processor to use as the basis (Intel Core i5, i7, i9 or AMD Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9), video card model (why -something of the previous generation), as well as the build budget.

There are also three options for prefabricated PCs: “entry-level”, the upper limit of which, according to ChatGPT, reaches $1500, and not $500-800, “mainstream” up to $2500, and “enthusiast” with prices above $2500. In addition, the configurator contains a search bar where the buyer can independently enter a request by writing “I want such and such a computer.” With the latter, ChatGPT is not doing very well.

As the journalists of the PCWorld and PCGamer portals found out, the system very often goes beyond the specified budget, trying to build a PC much more expensive than indicated in the request. For example, for a query like “PS5 competitor at the same price» The configurator can issue PC builds costing $1,300 or more.

Of course, it is problematic to assemble a computer with support for 4K resolution in games for $ 500 in today’s realities, but the bot ignored the direct instruction in the request. Ideally, the system should have responded with something like “Impossible to fit into the specified budget”.

Another example of request failure is ChatGPT’s build of the cheapest SFF (compact form factor) PC for web browsing. Not only did the system offer a computer with an Intel Core i5-13600K, a GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, 32 GB of RAM, a very efficient CPU cooler, but it also assembled it all on an ASRock Z790 motherboard in a standard ATX format, in a standard-sized Corsair 4000D case, adding an 850W power supply to the list. Only the $50 NVMe SSD came close to meeting that request. The assembly of such a PC would cost $ 1351.27. On request “build the best gaming PC for $500” The search engine returned two options: one costing $531.32, the other costing $1057.41.

ChatGPT also does not cope with the tasks of assembling a PC for certain games. According to the editor of the PCWorld portal, when asked to build a computer for The Sims game, which most laptops with integrated graphics can handle, the bot assembled a $1,500 desktop PC equipped with a very powerful GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card.

The author of this note tried to collect “PC to play Cyberpunk 2077“. The result of the query execution can be seen below. As it turned out, the system makes mistakes even in the compatibility of components.

The bot suggested a 14-core Core i5-13600KF processor. The start is good. An incompatible MSI PRO B650-P motherboard was offered for this processor – it is designed for Ryzen 7000 processors. The bonus was one of the cheapest and slowest $52 PCIe 3.0 SSDs. The entire assembly cost almost $1550.

In general, PC builders can sleep peacefully, and our “Computer of the Month” column remains as relevant as ever. Following it, you can not only be sure that all the proposed components will be compatible with each other, but also choose a system for your budget from the most advantageous offers available on the market.

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