Cheap airline: Laudamotion and the red bags

Dhe airline Laudamotion brought more than six million people on vacation last year – a vacation airline founded by the legendary racing driver Niki Lauda. It went from Düsseldorf to Palma de Mallorca and back, at least outside of the times of Corona. In a good mood, with a view of parties and sun, the passengers spend money on beer, sandwiches or perfume. Flight attendants say that this would add up to tens of thousands of euros per week.

But what is supposed to happen to this money at Laudamotion after landing is unusual. Former Lauda employees, who confirmed their experiences in writing, report it as follows: First, a flight attendant puts the cash receipts in a safe in the staff room at the airport. So far normal. But then something unusual happens according to the descriptions. The money is not picked up by a money transport and brought to the bank. Instead, it goes on the journey again: by Laudamotion flight, packed in bright red bags. The flight attendants don’t know where the money ends up. But you have a guess: Ireland.


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