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The social program of Solidarity Income delivers the transfers to unbanked households through platforms such as nequî, of Bancolombia.

These are simplified transaction accounts. Opening it only requires a cell phone to download the application and have the identity document at hand. No more paperwork or paperwork.

At a distance, ideal for times of pandemic and with all the experience of Bancolombia, since this is a special service offered by the bank, aimed especially at people who are new to the financial system.

As of September, specifically from the 23rd, Bancolombia reported that all Solidarity Income payments made by this financial entity will be through Nequi. It means that if they have a savings account they must open nequî. Also if they were with Bancolombia At Hand.

+ So check in Social Prosperity if it appears in Solidarity Income

+ Fourth Solidarity Income: Check balance in Bancolombia

Nequi is a 100% digital account. It does not have a management fee and as it is already duly regulated, subsidy payments are under no circumstances susceptible to charges such as 4 X 1000 or other types of charges that banks have.

How to create an account in Nequi?

They should search their cell phones for the Nequi application. It is not difficult to find. They download it and when it is ready they open it and go to the option that says “open an account”.

Then they write their cell phone number. This is too important because those numbers from your mobile phones will also identify your Nequi accounts.

You will get a text message with a 4-number code. They write it.

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Then they go to the type of document, select it and write the identification number, they also register their email. So that the money is always safe in Nequi they must choose a password. Finally, they take a photo that the same application asks of them.

Once the account is created, they must wait a little more than 24 hours to get their money from the Solidarity Income.

Check the balance of the Solidarity Income via Nequi

The Solidarity Income social program began payment of the fourth draft as of July 31. All banked households will receive the payment of $ 160,000 corresponding to that month.

In general, in the case of Nequi, when the time for payment of the subsidy arrives, notifications are made via text message. Likewise, it is recommended to be aware of the balance directly from the application.

When the beneficiaries have pending drafts from other months, then the payment from July 31 must reach them accumulated. This happens when they are beneficiaries who have recently confirmed their presence in the program or due to some anomaly.

Collection of Solidarity Income in Nequi

This process can be done either to withdraw money at a Bancolombia ATM or at a Bancolombia Nequi payment point.

In the App go to the option where the $ sign appears, at the bottom right. Now they select “Get money” and choose where the money will come from. The maximum value is the balance they have in that pocket.

They select Punto Nequi. They take the 6-digit code that will last 30 minutes. That is the one that the person who attends will ask you.

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They locate the closest point to where they are in and select the option

Where do I get?

They look at the points marked on the map. If they want to search for another neighborhood or sector, they type the name and click Search.

To see the address, touch the point on the map. When the withdrawal by Nequi is made directly at Bancolombia ATMs, it is just as simple:


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