Check your rights, we win, transfer 7,000 baht to the ID card to a special group that meets the criteria today. How do you advise to look at the money?

Today (30 Apr. 64) transfer 7,000 baht to the ID card for those who need special assistance who meet the registration criteria. www. we won. com Between 27 Mar.-9 Apr. ”

The Ministry of Finance transferred money, we won 7,000 baht to those who need special assistance who have passed the registration criteria. )

The amount of 7,000 baht will be transferred to the multi-purpose ID card (Smart Card) for spending at the Blue Flag stores, Pracharat, each half of the stores. Including participating stores and services, we win From 30 April onwards until the end of Jun. 64

As for how to check the limit, we win. Or check the balance, we win in the group that must be spent through the ID card Can be examined in 2 channels which are

  • You can check the remaining balance on your ID card from the merchant’s money bag app. After paying for products and services
  • Call to inquire for the service to check the credit limit via automatic system at 0 2109 2345 press 3

News about the “We Win” project


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