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Reporter Wang Yixiang / Taichung Report

CITIC Brothers of China Professional Baseball team played against Lotte Peach Ape on the 30th day of the match. The charity kick-off event organized by Sakura Construction was arranged before the game. In particular, it was the spiritual leader of CITIC Brothers who was on the strike zone before the game. With thunderous cheers, Peng Zhengmin smiled and said, “Thank you very much for not forgetting me.”

▲Peng Zhengmin participated in the charity kick-off event of Sakura Construction. (Photo/taken from the CHIA 23 fan group)

Before the game, Sakura Construction sponsored the charity kick-off event of the Guanglong Elementary School Little Baseball Team. The construction company invited the little baseball players to the stadium to watch the game. Before the game, they had activities with Peng Zhengmin. The general manager of Sakura Construction, Chen Shiying, served as the kick-off pitcher. , The catcher is Xu Jihong, and the one who stands in the strike zone is Chacha Peng Zhengmin, the spiritual leader of the CITIC Brothers.

Today is the first day of 51 consecutive holidays. Intercontinental Stadium fans enthusiastically entered the stadium, but Peng Zhengmin’s role as kickoff guest has not been announced. As soon as the host announced that Cha Cha Peng Zhengmin will be on the stage, Peng Zhengmin’s appearance tunes were heard. .

▲Peng Zhengmin participated in the charity kick-off event of Sakura Construction. (Photo/Provided by CITIC Brothers)

This is Peng Zhengmin’s re-attendance at the pre-match kick-off after last year’s championship game. He just laughed and said that he hadn’t stood in the center of the intercontinental baseball stadium for a long time. There were still more opportunities at the Pingtung Base. He just said: “This feels familiar. It’s strange again, I haven’t felt this way for a long time.”

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▲Peng Zhengmin participated in the charity kick-off event of Sakura Construction. (Photo/Provided by CITIC Brothers)

However, amidst the enthusiastic cheers of the fans, just a small jog came on the field. He said that the game is still more important. He said: “Thank you very much for not forgetting me. I am very happy. I have not stood on the court for a long time. Apart from broadcasting, I rarely appear on the field. In public, thank you very much for being so enthusiastic when I was on stage.”

However, the kick-off catcher Xu Jihong led General Manager Chen to throw a bad ball just behind him when he kicked off. Cha Cha was shocked, and Cha Cha said: “General Manager Chen said that he would not throw it to me, but he lost it. When I came over, I was shocked. It turned out that Xu Jihong was behind.”

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