Cheese THEN dessert, a French rule key to a happy life

Rob Long, an American television producer, discovers that in France, it is frowned upon to serve these two dishes at the same time. But, on reflection, however inconvenient this habit of French savoir-vivre may seem, it contains a real lesson in life for an American.

What deep meaning can be given to the observation that on a restaurant table in France, cheese and dessert never come together? It is an American, the author and producer Rob Long, who was inspired by his experience made late one evening in a Parisian establishment.

What he describes in the Washington Examiner At first it looks like a math problem: seated at a late hour table with diners with obligations early the next morning but who want half to finish with dessert and half with cheese, the man ventured to suggest to request that cheese and dessert be served at the same time. His concern: to save a little time and allow everyone to get a few hours of sleep.

But his initiative, which he believes to be full of common sense, does not meet with the expected success, he says, describing the reaction of his French friend. “He was thoughtful for a moment, then after a shrug of the shoulders answered me with a typical French accent that would scratch my ears. : ‘C’



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