Cheetah Digital drives the Spanish marketing market with its next-generation personalization solutions

Cheetah Digital, the provider of cross-channel solutions for customer engagement for marketers, launches its solution Cheetah Personalization in Spain. And, to remain competitive in a market like this that is saturated with messages, marketing teams need to offer relevant and personalized content throughout the customer journey. In fact, 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they recognize, remember, and receive relevant offers and recommendations. Real-time content and offers can be 10 times more effective than traditional marketing campaigns.

“Personalization is at the core of everything marketers do. But as a strategy, as a technology and as a market, personalization is ready to be reinvented. “, states Sameer Jobs, CEO of Cheetah Digital. “Our goal has been to create a technological model for brands to achieve success in personalization. With Cheetah Digital, the next generation of personalization is here. It is the way forward for marketers to achieve their personalization goals and, consequently, their business goals “.

Businesses need technology to orchestrate every aspect of personalization, from data to distribution, to unleash the full power of personalization. Since cookies and third-party data are no longer viable options for marketing teams, First and Zero-party data is at the core of next-generation personalization solutions.

Cheetah Personalization leverages analytics and machine learning to assess each individual customer and extract the right content, offer, channel, and sequence for the customer journey. The new solution includes the possibility of offering the best experiences, the best trips and the best deals.

These functionalities are possible thanks to the offering of three key products:

  • Cheetah Real-Time Personalization: Allows you to interact with customers in real time with targeted experiences by capturing streaming data on the web and on mobile devices.
  • Cheetah Journey Designer: Gives marketers the power to create, manage and optimize customer journeys with multiple steps and stages at scale.
  • Cheetah Intelligent Offer: Apply knowledge of marketing and Machine Learning to optimize experiences and generate the next best offer and the next best action.

Personalization is one of the most critical issues for our clients and our company”, Declares Bill Ingram, Product Manager at Cheetah Digital. “This is not guesswork, cookies, or third-party data. The latest generation of personalization consists of providing an exchange of value for customers in the “moment” in which you have them in your mobile application, on your website, or in your store, where you can offer them something that will generate trust and affinity with the brand. Thanks to the Engagement Data Platform database, we are well equipped to offer a first-class and next-generation personalization solution.”.

We were charged with making better use of our data for more effective personalization for our visitors in the face of a rapidly changing landscape.“, Explain Katie Rhine, Head of Corporate Marketing at SeaWorld. “With the Cheetah Digital solution we were able to take advantage of zero-party email data and offer a more relevant and personalized experience for our visitors. We can now personalize experiences at scale and create loyal customers at all of our locations”.

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