Cheikh Tidiane Dièye invites the Senegalese to be “indulgent” with Diary Sow

Cheikh Tidiane Dièye invites the Senegalese to be “indulgent” with Diary Sow

The coordinator of the “Avenir Senegaal Biñu Beug” platform, Cheikh Tidiane Dièye calls on Senegal to be indulgent with the best student in the country in 2018 and 2019. Facing Mamoudou Ibra Kane in front of the Jury on Sunday, this January 24, on Iradio, the teacher immediately declared that the bottom point of this affair, it is to be delighted that it was found, that Diary Sow gave sign of life.

“We were all, in one way or another, disturbed by his sudden disappearance. So, I invite our compatriots to be indulgent. I saw some nasty comments after his letter sent to his godfather. But, c ‘is in all responsibility that she took her act, “said the politician.

Before suggesting: “We must give her the opportunity to come back. By criticizing her too much, without understanding the parameters that surround her act, we risk pointing her more. She is very young and feels the weight of the judgment of the whole country , the gaze of the other, it becomes heavy for her especially as the international community got involved “.

For Cheikh Tidiane Dièye, “we must quickly turn this page and give Diary Sow time to continue on his way”. “We must not make him carry our own projects, our visions and our dreams,” he said.

Enrolled in Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris (France), Diary Sow was reported missing for several days.

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