Chen Shizhong did not join the cabinet!Internet riots point out the inside story of “three words”: the DPP is super scared-Politics-China Times News

Former Vice President Chen Chien-jen will be inaugurated as Premier on the 31st, and the list of new cabinets continues to be revealed, but Chen Shih-chung, the former Minister of Health and Welfare who once represented the Democratic Progressive Party in the mayor election of Taipei, has not been seen, sparking heated discussions outside. KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin believes that Chen Shizhong has been kicked out after falling from the altar, and the Green Camp is now planning to make Chen Jianren a “new god”. A large number of netizens bluntly said that the key to Chen Shizhong’s failure to join the cabinet was the word “hate value”. The anger that his promotion might bring made the DPP very afraid.

Xu Qiaoxin said in the “Zhongtian News” political commentary program “Zheng Yizhen Spicy Evening News” yesterday (27th) that Chen Jianren is the object of the new wave of god-making by the DPP, and the object of the last wave of god-making was Chen Shizhong. It is planned to reproduce the template of Chen Shizhong, the God of Creation, on Chen Jianren.

Xu Qiaoxin even said bluntly, what should I do if I fall off the altar after I become a god? Just kick him off. For example, if other county and city chiefs or teams lose the election, they can still be promoted. DPP legislator Guan Biling and members of Chen Shizhong’s campaign team have also been promoted. Only Chen Shizhong has no official position. It is really “disposable.” .

This statement sparked heated discussions. Netizens poured into “China Times News Network” and “Yahoo! News” to leave messages: “Chen Shizhong’s hatred value is too high”, “Chen Shizhong and Lin Zhijian are the two people with the highest hatred value in the nine-in-one election”, ” This level of hatred is so high that even the Democratic Progressive Party is afraid of it”, “The level of hatred is too high, so they can only be protected and controlled by the government”, “Chen Shizhong and Lin Zhijian still have a chance, but the level of hatred is too high to wait for a while” , “Chen Shizhong is just an election pawn placed by the DPP. He originally wanted to use the epidemic to create a false god to grab the Taipei City Government. Besides, in the later period, all factions of the DPP did not like it. He was a big loser, let alone favored. !”

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